Along with the internationalization of the company we realized a need to improve
our visual identification with the customers and markets.

So we have changed our brand logo to a simpler form so Hanier name became more
evident in the communication, avoiding the misunderstanding of the Portuguese names
that were used along.

This is one part of our marketing plan for 2017 and others actions will take place along
the year according this guideline.





ISO 9001 e ISO 14001

Hanier passed thru an audit process in February 2017 and in March received the confirmation of the certification according the 2015 version of ISO series.

Hanier was one of the first companies of this segment in Brazil to get the ISO 9001:2015 (click here)
and ISO 14001:2015 (click here) certification.

This is a strong demonstration of our commitment with continuous improvement to supply high quality products with environmental responsibility since the choose of raw material and suppliers, our processes and safety related to those products.





Hanier has held its 1st Open House on August 20th.

During this event several employee’s relatives visited the plant facilities and check
where we all work.

This visit passed by the textile plant, DEF plant, all laboratories, offices, maintenance,
storages, cafeteria and others.

All planning  and activities were done by Hanier’ employees with an outstanding overcome.

This could be proved by the questions from employee parents and kids about how everything work.

The final activity was a fraternization with all participant where were offered snacks and several playground toys for the kids.

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We would like to thank our customers, friends and partners for their presence
at our booth at Febratex 2016.

This massive attendance exalt the Febratex success and created a great atmosphere
for benchmarking and gathering the textile professional together.

We hope to find you all at the next Febratex.



Japanese 5S program


Continuing the Japanese 5S program Hanier hosted the "4S Week - SEIKETSU
(Health and Hygiene)" on the final week of June with the participation of all employees.

This step is meant to consolidate the previous steps of this program - SEIRI,
SEITON, SEISO (use, keeping, cleaning) thru the improvement of the self-esteem
of workers.

This step presented lectures and programs about Life Quality Improvements touching
aspects such as healthy alimentary habits, physical activities and health.

To celebrate this step forward in the program a commemorative dinner were
offered to all those who participated in the program.


Winter Clothing Campaign


Hanier promoted the Winter Clothing Campaign due the winter season from
June 20 to 27th to collect winter clothes for donation .

During this campaign, Hanier has promoted awareness lectures about this theme
and placed collect bins in the site.

Hanier has achieved a good participation from its employees and the clothes
gathered in the campaign were donated to COASSEJE - a social organization
the takes care of kids and teenagers thru two foster care homes.


To know more about this organization please consult:


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