To provide sustainable solutions through distinct products, application processes and
support services in order to fulfill the needs of the markets we are inserted.

Be a preferential and reliable partner for national and international textile chemical auxiliaries.

Expand the business of textile auxiliaries to cover all Americas.


Consolidate HANIER´s presence at the distribution of automotive additives market.

Be an active dyestuff player with an attractive portfolio for the customers.

  VALUES and PRINCIPLES          
  Ethical Behavior:

Transparency on internal and external relations.

Partnership and respect-oriented relations with employees, suppliers, customers and community.

Total intransigência às práticas imorais e/ou ilegais (corrupção, fraude ou suborno).

Intolerance to preconception, child labor, slave work-like situations and

any form of discrimination.


  Life’s quality:

Assure procedures to create healthy and safe workplace,
providing well being and satisfaction to employees.

  Social Responsibility and Environmental Preservation:

Constant commitment to support care entities, ethical and respectful relations
to community, environmental oriented actions, stakeholders sensibilization to
develop beneficial behaviors towards the well being of the community.

  Customer Focused:

Plain attention to customers needs and requirements thru high quality
products and services, complying to national and international standards,
convenient delivery times and cordiality.



Constant actions to assure know-how development within the technical
staff to offer a better-quality service to customers.

Focus to develop new customers solutions through products and processes.


Valuing people by providing benefits and fair work conditions
to employees compatible to local markets conditions. Ensure easy
and effective communication channels to all hierarchic levels.








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