Nature preservation is one of the major
commitments of the company.

Through standard procedures of environmental management, Hanier uses adequate technologies
to produce ecologically friendly products.

Following its Environmental Policy, Hanier is
committed to preserving and increasing the
area of riparian forest inside the company’s area.


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Hanier is committed to achieving its environmental
goals and focuses on the implementation of conservation actions, sensitizing employees and promoting the use
of the best environmental practices.


Good for the Environment

All residues generated by the company are allocated
to reliable entities, capable of adequately treating,
recycling and disposing them.

Hanier offers its customers environmentally safe products.


Separate collection of solid residues

The company promotes and stimulates the separate
collection of solid residues, and sensitization lectures.

Hanier also offers employees disposal bins for the
recyclable materials generated at their homes, which
are donated to a recycling association, thus contributing
to Sustainable Development.



Social Responsibility

Hanier qualifies its fire brigade through monthly
trainings, preparing its team for possible emergencies,
including those with chemical substances, propane
gases, transportation accidents involving chemicals,
neighbor complaints, personal injuries, fire and
external emergencies.


Sustainable Attitude

The company has established preventive maintenance procedures for equipment, so to prevent leakages,
ruptures and product spills.

Electric energy consumption has been reduced through
the installation of motion sensors in some areas.

Hanier has also counted on projects to increase the
energy efficiency of its equipment, and on the installation
of a solar heating system.



Best Workplace Practices

Hanier maintains synergistic working relationships
with its suppliers and customers in the search for
opportunities that reduce inputs, such as water,
vapor, packaging, residues, etc.

Best practices guarantee the organization, cleaning,
storage, documentation and the use of adequate
procedures for each material handled inside the
company. Hanier offers the market biodegradable
and ecologically safe products.

An organized Production Planning and Control (PPC)
procedure focuses on reducing energy consumption
and the amount of liquid and solid residues produced
during manufacturing, contributing to the quality of life
of future generations.



WATER - Essential to life

Considering the well-being of employees and of future generations, the company is concerned with the sustainable
use of water, promoting sensitization actions on the correct
use of this precious asset, in addition to installing automatic faucets to control and reduce consumption.

Hanier collects rain water from roofs, which feeds the lake
of the property, and reuses water for watering gardens,
toilet supply and floor cleaning.

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